Absolutely Incredible

Today I find myself so thankful for a piece of furniture more than I ever thought possible. Recently I went on vacation for a week with my family to the beach for a week. Well, being a new parent I have to think more than just myself while packing now. I have to anticipate what my new baby will need and what I have to take for her. So my husband and I took care of our bags first then faced the harsh reality that we had no idea how to pack for an infant on vacation. Every time we tried to say no we don’t need that then we would think of a situation we would be lost without it. Realistically we could not take everything. We were stuck. It was time for reinforcements, AKA my sister the mother of 3 children.

She came over and immediately began to take things out of our car. We were baffled. She had successfully “unpacked” our car and then took us back into the house. She brought us in front of our Pack N Play. We bought this right after we found out we were pregnant and found the best rated Baby Trend Pack N Play. She told us how much taking simply this one item would help us. It is light enough that we can move it in and out of the car easily, as well as transform to be used for so many things. It can be our crib, as well as our entertainment center for her with the attachable mobile. It can be her changing table, as well as a new clothing pocket for anything she might need to wear weather wise. The more she showed us the more we were in awe. To be honest we bought this thing but had no idea what to use it for, so we hadn’t actually used it since the baby came.

Well, we took her advice and brought the bare minimum. Leave it to the master to know best, it was perfect. We had absolutely everything we needed for her all week and didn’t have to worry about the hassle of multiple trips to the car. The Pack N Play became our favorite thing for the baby instantly.